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Audio Rental - JBL EON-15 G2 - Two Way 15" Powered PA Speakers

Professional Grade Audio 800 watt DJ PA Sound System Includes:
(Good for up to 300 people)

  • Speakers: Two 2-Way, 400 Watt each, Powered 15" JBL EON G2's 46 lbs. each.
  • All wires incl. to hook up in a tub 14" X 14" X 19"
  • Wired Microphone included.
  • 2 Speaker Stands collapsible to 47" X 5" X 10"
  • 3 channel DJ Mixing Board or other style mixing board
  • May include pick-up (return) 5 miles to and from Hyannis.
  • Extension cords / Wires / for connections.
  • Connections for IPAD, IPOD or MP3 Players and computers.
  • All components will generally fit in a small car.
  • Tech support $45.00 per hour (not included).

    600 Watt DJ Sys. Rental 24hrs.: $ 125.00
    Not available for weekends. 100 people (Not recommended for Rap or Hip-Hop)
    Does not include delivery or pickup.

    800 Watt DJ Sys Rental 3 days: $ 200.00
    Fridays or Saturdays. (Return Sunday or Monday) 100-300 People.

    50 Watt battery operated sys 3 days: $ 125.00
    Limited availability w/ wired mic. 50 – 200 people @ ceremony.
    Battery send / receive wireless mic available.

    Casio Privia PX-130 88Key Digital Piano
    Foopedal and bench Rental 3 Days:
    $ 125.00

    Includes built in amplification, 128-note polyphony, 16 tones (with layer and split) Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3), Acoustic Resonance. Does not include delivery or pickup.

    Pick up Friday return Sunday or Monday.
    Delivery, set-up, and pick-up available.

Other available rentals.
  • Smaller systems available
  • wireless mics and wired microphones
  • projectors, screens, 42" to 50" Flat Screens.
  • mobile systems
  • Click thumbnail images for larger picture:

    We also rent other equipment. Ask about our other available rentals.

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    Complete DJ System 800w for weekend.............$200.00. Yes No
    Electric Piano Keyboard w/sound sys built in....$150.00. Yes No
    Battery operated beach system w/wireless mic...$135.00Yes No
    Projector and Screen..........................Call for price.Yes No

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